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When buying or selling a home, there's more to it than just getting the right price.  A real estate transaction is a lengthy process; one that can either be rewarding or can be a poor experience.  Experience Matters when it comes to having the right real estate agent watching out for your best interests.

Better Living Real Estate® will help you build a "Client Team" of highly skilled professionals in every industry and service that you may need throughout your transaction to  successfully achieve your real estate goals.  Just like in sports and life, you're chances of winning increase when you  build a strong team.

Bob Simone and Better Living Real Estate® are always there for you with truly expert real estate buying and selling advice, attentive service, research, market information - every step of the way.  Our real estate clients have access to custom home search options, community and school information with comparative rankings, fast and convenient digital documents, allowing you to sign contracts on your mobile phone, iPad and PC making the process even easier for you.

Real Estate Team

Have an entire Client Team working for you!

When planning a real estate transaction, I recommend that you interview and assemble your Client Team ahead of making any major decisions.  By having a qualified Client Team working for you, you can eliminate much of the anxiety, stress and indecision that many consumers often face.

Using a Client Team will help you create an organized and enjoyable real estate process, but finding and hiring the right professionals to comprise your team should be done carefully, based on interviewing members and referrals to top quality professionals.  During my career of over a quarter of a century in real estate, I've managed to find amazing experts that provide knowledgeable, attentive and reasonably priced services to my real estate buyers and sellers.

Introducing you to the right experts has the end goal of having you so happy with your real estate experience that you can't help but recommend me and your other Client Team members to your family and friends.  That's what has allowed me to continue to grow my brokerage business for over THREE DECADES as a real estate broker and owner in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

To make sure the process is developed around you, once I learn your specific needs, I'll assist you with connecting and interviewing any of the qualified processionals in the industries listed below. I have a pretty deep bench of true industry experts at my disposal and will help you connect with the right people that you need to help you put together your successful Client Team. My referrals are seasoned experts and are people that I've worked with extensively, so I know that they are qualified by seeing first hand how well they have performed for other clients I've helped buy and sell property.  However, it is important to keep in mind that you are never required to use any referrals.  But, if you are looking for quality services at reasonable prices, my real estate related referrals are a great place to start the interviewing process.

Home Search in Boston and Foxboro, MA 02035

Custom Home Search

Our extensive Home Search feature allows our clients to configure free home searches and receive detailed market statistics on every home for sale in the MA or RI communities that interest them.

A very cool feature of our Home Search system allows you to customize your search using a map view to plot your geographic search parameters, showing every house meeting your criteria laid out on your home search map so you know where they are in relationship to neighborhoods that interest you.

Have some fun and try out our new Home Search Mapping Feature today!

Foxboro, MA Real Estate Market Insider

Be a Market Insider

Understand the difference between "listing prices" (what sellers are asking) and "sold prices" (what buyers are willing to pay).

Use the Better Living Real Estate® Market Insider to learn about local home pricing trends. With our real estate Market Insider, you'll have a good idea of where the local or regional real estate market is heading.  The median listing and sold property prices of houses, condominiums and other types of real estate property are calculated based on the market activity each month.

Better Living Real Estate's® Market Insider features accurate market data such as:

Transaction Management:

Wealth Management:

 Home Ownership Management:

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